Your product sustainably produced

We use our knowledge of sustainable manufacturing and environmentally friendly plastics to help our customers in making their products or supply chain carbon neutral.

De Beer Beoplast is very progressive within Europe in the field of sustainable production.

De Beer Beoplast is the first completely emission-free and CO²-neutral plastics plant in Europe and specializes in the sustainable production of plastic products. De Beer Beoplast is regarded as an example and pilot for future sustainability developments within the companies of the De Beer Group.

Sustainable production is documented by the following certifications:

  • ISO 14064-3 Climate Neutral (TÜV)
  • ISO 50001 Energie Audit (TÜV)
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Audit (TÜV)

Sustainability Award 2023

De Beer Beoplast has again been awarded the prestigious German Sustainability Award 2023, thanks to completely emission-free and CO2-neutral production processes, making it a pioneer in sustainable production of injection molded plastic parts.

The 5 pillars of our sustainability

Every business activity must meet financial criteria, as this is the only way to ensure the long-term success of our company. However, the ecological aspects are also of equal importance. We have succeeded in bringing these into balance.

The 5 most important pillars of sustainability are:

Climate neutrality
(CO² = ZERO)

Target achieved since 2014
(TÜV DIN ISO 14064-3)


TÜV certified according to DIN ISO 50001, 14001

Beoplast as a competence centre

For bio-based materials

Local selling and sourcing

Medium-term process


Of employees, customers and suppliers in our CO² efforts


Currently, 98% of all materials used are still petroleum-based. This causes an enormous consumption of resources. The goal of a modern, environmentally conscious industrial society must be to develop alternatives here, or to revive the “tried and tested”. Beoplast actively supports its customers in using such alternative materials.

We have know-how in all aspects of processing bio-based materials (design, mould construction, injection moulding). Our extensive database allows us to filter out the most suitable material for the application.

Emission-free lawn mowing

Our Breton dwarf sheep, Mr von Carlowitz and Mr Musk, are the mascots of our sustainable mission. After making the entire factory and transport fleet emission-free, the petrol-powered lawnmower remained a thorn in the side of founder Theo Besgen. He then purchased two sheep, which have been looking after the garden around the factory ever since.