Sustainable Production and Quality is still guaranteed at Beoplast

Despite the tragic and unexpected death of the company founder Theo Besgen, the future of Beoplast is assured. Our sustainable reliability in production and the quality of our products is guaranteed by our proven staff. In future, the management tasks will be shared between Susanne Schmees-Besgen and the current technical manager and authorized signatory Patrick Poschen.

Beoplast will continue to fulfill your individual wishes and requirements in the usual manner. We look forward to your continuing confidence in our company. In addition to Patrick Poschen, Davis Ritzerfeld, Lars Auweiler, Evelyn English, Christoph Dzierzanowski and Alexander Delevi will be available as your contact persons.

We are confident that with this staffing we will successfully continue the entrepreneurial ambitions of the company founder. Your trust and the maintenance of our business relationships will contribute significantly to this. That is also a form of sustainability, as Theo Besgen has always striven for.