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We make the first step

When we receive inquiries from our customers for new plastic products, we inform them about how much CO2 is used for the production. In addition to decisive factors like price and delivery time, our customers also get a feeling for the impact of their business activity on the environment. The fact that the customers will receive their products from Beoplast in a climate neutral way, will also improve their individual climate balance.

On top of that we also try to offer our clients organic materials as an alternative. However, we have to realize that these alternatives are quite limited from the producer side. But you can’t strike out in a new direction without making the first step.


We have changed to e-invoicing with most of our customers, in order to save high amounts of paper, toner, delivery and postage. With our suppliers we haven’t got that far concerning this change.

In our supply agreements for ex works deliveries we ask our customers to use truck which fulfill Euro6 standards. As a small incentive we offer preferred loading and unloading.

Customers and suppliers who are visiting us with an E-Vehicle can recharge their cars free of charge at our company. Our four powerful quick charging stations make recharging particularly effective.

As part of our supplier development efforts we place particular emphasis on ecological aspects. We support our suppliers with our specific know-how.

Climate-neutral shipment

All outgoing packages of Beoplast are shipped climate-neutral. We ask our suppliers to manage these measures in the same manner.

A sample quotation

A sample quotation

Here you will find a sample quotation, including the above mentioned information, about how much CO2 is used for the production of a particular order. In addition we suggest alternative material from renewable resources.

Through comparison with other CO2 polluters it becomes transparent how much CO2 is actually saved for you as a customer, when benefitting from our way of production.