In-house mold production

No Injection Molding without a Tool

A successful product starts in the mold construction. The latest milling and eroding techniques are essential for an excellent finished product. The whole service range in-house, ensures permanent communication between construction, injection molding and mold construction.

Electrode Manufacturing

Electrode manufacturing is done exclusively in graphite, so that complicated geometries can be produced economically.

5-axes milling

Complicated geometries can be produced economically through 5-axes milling technology. Machines with the latest technology guaranty optimal precision and cost effectiveness.

Aluminium Tools

When it needs to be done quickly

Aluminum tools are generally considered the pre-stage to the series steel tools. Especially when it is known, that greater changes will be made later on. But they can also be used to produce smaller series (up to about 10,000 pieces). With the selection of the appropriate material, graining is also possible.