Industry 4.0

The slogan “industry 4.0” is often used and frequently quoted

We have been doing this already for more than two years

We receive the orders from our customers electronically. These are entered in our system automatically. Our production is networked down to the smallest process. The machines receive their production orders as well as all necessary parameters from a master computer. All peripherals are also recorded there. During the running process, the articles are checked automatically for compliance with the quality parameters. If something is not correct, the parts are sorted out by the machine and / or a robot. The required material is dried completely automatically through a networked material processing plant and transported to the machine. A mix-up is not possible. Likewise, the machine always gets just as much raw material as it needs, when it needs it.

All data from machines, peripherals and parts can be viewed and monitored in real-time via terminals or even the smart phone of the employee.

This short sequence is shown schematically in the following diagram. This enables us to manage our production processes in an optimum way. Thus, saving resources (energy, production time, raw material, etc) throughout the entire processes. Not only that: the quality is improved by stable, supervised processes.

Industry 4.0: Beoplast is fit for the digitalized industrial future!

Industry 4.0: Beoplast is fit for the digitalized industrial future!