Mould Making

De Beer Beoplast has a fully equipped mould making facility in Langenfeld. Here we develop and build high-quality moulds for our customers.

Development & Prototype-Moulds

When things have to move quickly, we have several options to choose from:

  • Moulds from Aluminium
    Aluminium moulds are often used as preliminary tools before a series mould is made in steel. Especially if there is a good chance that changes still need to be made to the design of the product.But aluminium moulds are also used for products that are intended to be produced in small series (up to approx. 10,000 pieces).


  • 3D-printed moulds
    When things have to move extremely fast, we can in certain cases print a mould insert on our 3D printers. This can produce several hundred products in original materials.


  • Automotive Interior & Exterior
  • Automotive technical components
  • Sanitary
  • Machine- and Equipment manufacturing
  • Electronics
  • Machine building

Production Capabilities

  • Complete mould making process in one hand
  • Aluminium moulds for small series
  • 3D printed mould inserts for development
  • 2C moulds
  • Collaboration with mould makers in China for ‘non-critical’ moulds

Why De Beer Beoplast?

  • Experienced in-house designers and mould makers
  • A lot of expertise in complex projects with multiple moulds
  • Efficient mould making with modern machinery, including a 5-axis milling machine
  • In-house application and maintenance of surface structures (e.g. leather look)
  • Made in Germany

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Accountmanager OEM De Beer Beoplast
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