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What you can rely on
What you can rely on

Our company has been producing plastic parts for more than 25 years

We are able to make the required tools ourselves. If necessary, we can also build prototypes in advance. For the non-automotive sector, we also provide development services for our customer. All our services are provided in a climate-neutral way.
Customer centricity is at the core of all our economic activities. This must be accompanied by sufficient profitability, as well as a conduct of business which is in accordance with our commitment to sustainability. To this end, we try to include our employees, suppliers, customers and our social environment.
The impending climate change requires a great deal of effort from all of us. Regarding this issue we see a particular obligation for us as a business, since we use large resources of all kinds, but on the other hand also have the opportunity to use these resources very sensibly. Therefore, Beoplast has set itself the goal to do everything that is feasible. The focus here is not on profitability, but a balance between economics and ecology. We want to actively support customers whose goals are also oriented towards sustainability.

Company Policy

Beoplast is subject to a strict company policy.
Please click the following link for more details: Scope-Targets as an extension of our Corporate Philosophy (available only in German)

Clean drinking water for Uganda: Beoplast compensates climate-damaging gases with myclimate certificates.
Clean drinking water for Uganda: Beoplast compensates climate-damaging gases with myclimate certificates.

Scope-Targets as an extension of our Corporate Philosophy

In carbon accounting, i.e. the systematic recording of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, these emissions are divided into three relevant groups. While Scope 1 refers to the emissions generated by combustion in our own plants, Scope 2 deals with emissions that are related to purchased energy (such as electricity, district heating). Beoplast has successfully eliminated these emissions from the Scope 1 & 2 categories. Scope 3 covers emissions from services provided by third parties and acquired inputs. Here we would like to refer to our efforts to compensate for CO2 emissions due to business travels by our employees and goods transport. Our partner myclimate supported us in this way, so that we were able to compensate for our 200,000 kg of CO2 caused by our annual delivery traffic. We are therefore happy to support the myclimate project “Clean drinking water for schools and households through filter”.