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Beoplast participates in the Lions Clubs’ charity run for the second time
Beoplast participates in the Lions Clubs’ charity run for the second time

Employees walk

Apart from our company and our suppliers, our employees constitute the third pillar where we actively support CO2 neutrality.

Bulletin boards throughout the company inform about CO2 topics. Within the framework of a pilot project with the city of Langenfeld, we conduct information events at our company informing for example about nutrition (climate protection tastes well) or energy efficiency at home. Our employees are particularly encouraged to switch from grey energy to green energy in their private homes. Beoplast supports this change. As a reward our employees receive a 50% bonus in form of a green premium when they buy household appliances with an A+++ energy rating. Additionally they can rent one of our electric cars over the weekend free of charge.

Since we have a sophisticated waste separation system our staff can dispose their private waste at our company, if the municipal garbage collection system is too complicated.

Company parties at Christmas and summer parties are used to inform about ecological topics (e.g. PETA). For sweepstakes climate-friendly products are used in the raffle. Just to round up the picture, for our participation in charity runs our staff wears shirts with the slogan CO2=Zero.

Beoplast is promoting the purchase of E-Bikes for employees

By promoting the purchase of E-bikes for employees, many positive aspects have been achieved in the particular case:

  • Fitness for the employee
  • Using the E-Bike instead of car, avoid CO2-emitting
  • No parking problem at Beoplast
  • Free of charge batterie charging for the employee
  • Four E-Bikes funded by Beoplast are in use

Our employees are also environmentally conscious on 4 wheels. Two employees travel to their workplace with hybrid vehicles (Toyota and Audi).
Around one third of our workforce now commutes to the workplace in a climate friendly manner: whether by means of public transport, bicycle, e-bike, private hybrid or company e-mobile. This certainly constitutes a possibly record-breaking value.