Environmental protection: a job for all of us

Fairphone with Tesla Charging-Station
Fairphone with Tesla Charging-Station

FAIRPHONE with Tesla Charging-Station

Visitors to Beoplast can charge their vehicles free of charge at 4 different stations.
Now there is also a “charging station” for mobile phones. Printed by one of our various 3-D printers.
Also NEW: all Beo phones (Samsung, Sony, iPhone, …) are successively substituted by FAIRPHONES. What is FAIRPHONE? The name says it all! Learn more here.

Theo Besgen and Stefan Möller (GLS Bank)
Theo Besgen and Stefan Möller (GLS Bank)

Clean Banking Business

As a company that attaches great importance to sustainability and transparency, Beoplast has changed one of its banks. As of now, the company’s financial transaction will be handled to some extent by the GLS Bank. “The cooperative bank, owned by more than 40,000 people, is pursuing humanitarian goals while conducting its financial business. It employs capital as a social creative tool, and has received several awards, i.e. the “Deutsche Nachhaltigkeitspreis 2012”, explains Theo Besgen, Managing Director of Beoplast, why he changed to this financial institution. On a visit to GLS Bank’s headquarters in Bochum, Theo Besgen and Stefan Möller (customer consultants at GLS Bank) discussed the contractual details of the cooperation.

Beoplast has been in contact with the GLS Bank for quite some time. The change is a further important keystone for Beoplast’s sustainability concept. The current issue regarding financial conduct, keyword “Panama Papers”, underlines the need to work with local financial institutions, such as Sparkasse, or GLS Bank, that follow ethical principles. The GLS Bank is the most famous Community Bank, which works according to social ecological standards. Theo Besgen appreciates that some of the customers and suppliers of Beoplast are already customers at GLS Bank. The visit of Theo Besgen and Birgit Geser at GLS Bank can also be viewed in the VideoLog. Especially exciting for Tesla fans: Theo Besgen explains live how partial-autonomic driving works. Click here.

Commitment on different levels

Not only since the climate summit of Paris, we have considered the protection of the environment as a prime target for us and the entire world. That is why we are engaged as a company on various levels.

Our outgoing invoices to suppliers are changed 95% to e-invoicing, i.e. we saved paper, toner, delivery and postage for about 800 invoices. The rate of incoming e-invoices is not as high, but it is increasing steadily. A document management system is in planning and will save, in addition to the administrative advantages, paper and toner. For unavoidable printing, we naturally choose appropriate paper (recycling etc.).

Our fleet of vehicles with combustion engine was replaced with 100% electrical vehicles. Recharging at Beoplast is “clean” anyway. For short distances our Smart, Nissan, BMWi3, Renault ZOE and Mercedes B-Class electric cars are used. For medium distances the Tesla S model is the ideal means of transportation. On the road we are using only green energy for recharging. For long distances there is nothing better than the “Green Bahncard” (green train ticket) in combination with “car2go”, “DriveNow” or “flinkster”. Travels by air are compensated for with “atmosfair” or “myclimate”. Since the middle of 2013 Beoplast takes part, with its Electro-Smart, in the field study “eMERGE” from the University Siegen, Daimler AG and others. This is only one of our contributions to promote electro mobility.

With a total of six cars, Beoplast possesses one of the biggest E-Mobile fleet in the fields of SME.

We cover short and medium distances with our electric cars (Renault ZOE, Smart, BMWi3, Mercedes, Tesla). Our Nissan E-NV200 is the perfect vehicle for fast deliveries within a shorter radius.

Customers and suppliers who are visiting us with an E-Vehicle can recharge their cars free of charge at our company.

We are using video and telephone conferences. In addition to the enormous time savings, business trips can be reduced as well. The corresponding CO2 effects are oblivious, but are not accounted for in our company.

Some members of staff have regular home office days, i.e. saving 3,400 kg CO2 per year.

About 150 participants in the regions Rhein-Ruhr and Berlin/Potsdam have covered more than 500.000 Kilometer purely with electric power. They are all part of the electric mobility project eMERGE (“electro mobile model regions”), which has been running since November 2013.

Compared to a carbon dioxide emission of 100g / km, the saved carbon dioxide emission amounts to more than 50 tons.

From January 2016, the electrical B-Class will also be included in a research project.

In September 2014, Beoplast hosted the “Langenfelder Elektromobilitätstage” as part of the Forum on Energy Efficiency. Since January 2016, Beoplast has provided the Social Service of Catholic Women (SkF) Langenfeld with a new Renault ZOE free of charge, which can also be charged at Beoplast. This way, house visits can be completed in an environmentally friendly way. With a total of 200,000 kilometers driven, we can rely on a profound experience in e-mobility.

After the successful participation of our E-Smart in the project eMERGE (“electromobile model regions”: A joint research project of the Daimler AG, the University of Siegen and the Federal Ministry of Transport), our electric B-Class has been participating now for several months in a research and statistic project.