De Beer Beoplast produces high-quality plastic products for various industries, including the automotive industry. The quality processes must therefore be at the highest level.

Beoplast is certified according to:

To manufacture quality, you need modern and well-maintained machines.

All our machines are monitored via our BDE system. The injection moulding machines are regularly checked and calibrated not only by our own maintenance team, but also by the machine manufacturers. Modern measuring and testing devices safeguard our processes from incoming goods (melt index test) through production (residual moisture, colour tests, gloss level, BDE) to outgoing goods.

Modern 3D Metrology

With our modern coordinate measuring machine, we are able to precisely measure and document even large components (up to 1,200 mm). The fixtures or gauges required for the measurement can be manufactured in-house. Changes to the design status can thus be implemented rapidly.

Optical measurement

Continuous series measurement by means of optical systems is an important tool for ensuring a stable process. This proven system has been in use at our company for several years and is used constantly.


Every year… An important topic is securing the first sampled state. Especially for visible parts with a corresponding grain, observing the gloss level is an important issue. In-house surface specialists are able to adjust the gloss level accordingly.

Thermal imaging camera

Our modern thermal imaging camera increases our production reliability in a number of areas. On the injection moulds, we can easily detect so-called hotspots that cause surface problems on the visible surfaces of articles. Camera technology enables fast and reliable analysis. In the constant monitoring of our machines and systems, the circuit boards, for example, are monitored. Defective electronic components can be identified in the real-time observation. This guarantees high machine availability as part of preventive maintenance.

In addition, Beoplast employees can also borrow the camera privately, e.g. to locate heat leaks in their “own four walls”. Another contribution to environmental protection.

Measuring and testing possibilities

The following are just a few examples of the wide range of in-house measurement and testing options. We also offer these as a service if you are interested.